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 Benelli XM1014

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PostSubject: Benelli XM1014   Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:52 am

XM1014 is automatic shotgun.

Low range
Can't shoot through the boxes and walls
7 rounds of shells in the barrel. (bullets in the magazine)

High damage in the close range
Wide range of shooting
Reload shell by shell (1 shell load is faster than magazine change in the other weapon, 1 shot is enough to finish enemy in the close range)

Best to use in the maps with a lot of turns, like arena or trash metal.
Very effective against large groups when jumping out from the corner.
Very effective for finishing large group from behind.

Main ellement of attack is speed and constant motion.
FOr example in the beggining of the round try to get as fast as possible to the places where opponent usually througth granades (high chance to get free kill while he's standing with granade).
Try to get as fast as possible to the main attacking routes of the opponent from behind (for example if you playing at arena for T team try to go through the middle and up to the right or down to the left... that's two main routes where CT usually camp-attack.

Main disadvantage of the tactics is that you may hit the group of opponents coming your way; usually you're being killed by heavy fire; however sometimes you manage to kill all of them and get to the backs of their attacking teammates.

Shotgun is not good for camping, it doesn't have enough ammo to kill big group of players coming beside you. You can kill 2-3 but than will be killed. If you're camping with shotgun make sure you have space to move around or run away if you need to reload. Also make sure that you have secondary weapon ammo (I had to finish 2nd or 3rd opponent with the pistol so many times).

Since shotgun is rushing, close range weapon the worst enemy for you is gas granades (mostly from your team). Also you cannot use gas granade on your own (you just don't have time for that... while you throwing gas granade you give opponent valuable 2-3 seconds to get better possition on you.

In the short range against group or single opponents don't shoot with single shots - since shotgun covers big area, there is no point... part of it shot still will hit opponent, so just keep shooting.
If you're shooting long range, shoot single shots (and still you will have very little chance agains rifles or even pistol).

THat's it for now. If I'll have something else in mind, will post here.

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Benelli XM1014
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